Garage Door Repair Wellesley
Garage Door Repair Wellesley
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The power of the opener

Some people worry that a small opener cannot open a large door that measures up to 10 feet high. The best way of ensuring that it works is to have a full installation that follows the manuals to the T. Remember that your needs, the size of the door and usage are important considerations.

Inspect a stuck garage door for obstructions first

If the door does not want to go up or down, you have to inspect the garage door tracks. Check to see whether there are pebbles or dirt accumulations which prevent the rollers from moving properly. Remove the obstructions after disengaging the opener.

Automate your manual garage door

Having to get out of your car just so you can close the garage door is such a hassle. You need to get a reliable garage door opener installed to ensure that you can open and close the garage door with just a push of a button. It's more convenient, and a lot safer.

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