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If you are looking for simple answers to your garage door questions, visit our FAQ section.

What if I do not have enough headroom?

Some garage door companies and contractors can modify or customize the measurements for garage door and opener installation. However, there are also those that strictly require certain allowances for the headroom. Get the correct measurements of your garage to find a door that would perfectly fit in it.

Why does a rolling code technology prove useful?

If your garage doors are powered by access codes, your are vulnerable to code grabbing, according to the professionals in garage door company Wellesley. That is why a rolling code technology comes is useful as a standard feature for modern garage doors.

Do I need a replacement remote of the same model?

Our experts in Wellesley do recommend that you get a replacement remote control of the same model. If this is not possible, then you can consider a universal remote. Another option which you have is to get a remote of the same brand as your opener might work with it.

How can I check the door properly?

The easiest thing to do is to pay attention to strange noises. It's also relatively easy to visually check whether there are dented garage door tracks. If you want to run your fingers, watch for rough edges to avoid injuries. See if the springs or opener chain is sagging, test the balance and travel limit of the door. Leave repairs to our specialists.

What is the role of the opener safety sensors?

These small devices work to prevent the garage door from hitting people, pets or objects that are on its path during closing. They are mounted a few inches above the floor. While the door is going down, one of them emits an infrared signal and the other one catches it. If the signal is interrupted by someone or something, the opener is signaled to stop the closing and to reverse the door.

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