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Garage Door Maintenance

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Garage door maintenance is often an overlooked or disregarded task since not many notice its results. It does not have immediate notable results so hardly anyone pays attention to it. However, it’s important to emphasize that this often disregarded task is very significant. It can spell a major difference in useful life of the different parts of a door or of the door itself. It can also greatly reduce the need for repairs or early replacement.Garage Door Maintenance

Problems avoided with maintenance

A shorter useful life is definitely not  a good consequence. That’s why the experts at Garage Door Repair Wellesley believe that it is always advisable to complete regular maintenance on your garage door. The failure to keep hinges, chains, tracks, and rollers in check can lead to serious problems. Aside from the damage to the door itself, loose parts or those that are about to fall can lead to accidents.

Broken springs can be avoided if the door is regularly checked to find out if it is moving properly and to check if it has been affected by corrosion. Also, quality maintenance entails lubrication, something that allows the different moving parts of a door to move more fluidly so they don’t exert too much burden on the springs. There are many modernized spring systems nowadays, such as the Clopay torsion spring system.

Stuck hinges and rollers can pose a major problem. Maintenance should prevent something like this from happening through cleaning and the application of the necessary lubrication. Essentially, all the moving parts of a door should be examined for anything unusual. If they have too much friction, they affect the opening and closing of the door, which may in turn adversely affect the performance of the garage door opener

Moreover, when it comes to the garage door panels, the durability and appearance of a door can be preserved for a longer period with the right paint job and insulation. Our ardent team of technicians provides the corresponding expert service for this and other related issues, from damaged door panels to the defects encountered with electric or automatic garage door openers. 

Make Garage Door Repair Wellesley your premier choice if you decide to avail of garage door maintenance services. We promise thorough inspections and effective adjustments to quickly address minor problems and prevent major issues.

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